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Process Guideline IO New York

stage new york city For foreign student to be able to organize an internship in New York City without any problems, we have set up a structured guideline. To make sure your application runs as smoothly as possible. You can apply at IO New York without paying a fee or deposit payment. This means you will only have to accept internship offer that 100% meet your requirements! This is part of our personal service towards our students.

1. Apply at IO New York
o Submit an online application and provide us with details like your name, which field of internship you’re looking for, email, country you’re from, etc. This will be sent to our coordinator who will then send you in an email requesting more details and request for a Skype intake. We will also ask you to fill out an information portfolio about yourself and send us your resume. We will make a portfolio just for you to send to companies.

2. Skype intake with one of our IO Coordinators
o This is where we get to know you better and understand what you are looking for in an internship. You can also ask us questions about the process.

3. After the intake we will send you our offer of available positions that meets your requirements
o We will send you an email with a list of companies and descriptions that meet your needs

4. Choose the positions that you like the most
o Once you have made your decision, we will contact those companies with your portfolio. If the company likes your portfolio as well, we will set up an interview between the two of you

5. Have an interview with the chosen company
o Good luck! Be sure to do research on the company before you speak with the contact. This will help you seems more knowledgeable and engaged with the company.

6. When all the parties agree with a placement, we will send you our invoice
o Only once a placement is successful, and both parties (you and the internship company) agreed on the internship placement will we send you our invoice. Untill that time you will not have to pay any fees

7. Organize the required J-1 Visa & Accommodation
o We will be here to help you through the visa sponsorship process. We collect, review, and revise the necessary documents from you and your host company. Once the documents are ready we will send an application form to our sponsorship company. From there, you will be assigned a coordinator who will work with you and the host company as well.

8 IO USA/IO New York can advise you on finding accommodation in your new city.
We also partner with many houses and student hotels in various cities in the US to provide accommodation for our students.

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